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Why cannot I find a suitable cone crusher what I need on Google?

Release Time: 2017-1-6 15:38:54 Visits:Source: Editor:Great Wall

When I search "cone crusher" in Google Image, the result shows nearly all the images are similar. But if I select all, click on one URL and check the machine specifications, I will find the models are not what I looking for. For example, when I am looking for Symons Cone Crusher, write it in the Google search box and press the Enter Key, the search result shows many Symons cone crushers for sale. I click on a company named Great Wall Company and enter its website. But I find the cone crusher is called CZS High-Efficient Cone Crusher!

I select the online service and tell him I am looking for Symons 4.25 ft cone crusher. He tells me that CZS51 high efficient cone crusher is just the Symons 4.25 ft cone crusher. They have the same specifications except names. No Wonder! He also tells that different companies name the machine different models, but their specifications are nearly same.

Not like jaw crusher, Cone Crusher has several types, such as Spring cone crusher, Symons cone crusher, Hydraulic cone crusher etc. For instance, Great Wall Company produce 4 types cone crushers: Spring cone crusher, CZS high efficient cone crusher (Symons cone crusher), HPC hydraulic cone crusher and HCC hydraulic cone crusher. Due to the chaos of crusher types, the search results are also a little chaos. So next time when you look for cone crusher, you can browse their websites a bit more to find the needed crusher type. Or just ask their online services, they will help select a suitable one.